Anti-Lice Treatment Hair Oil-200ml


Dr.Organiko Anti-Lice Treatment Hair Oil (উকুন নাশক চুলের তেল) is a unique formulation of natural insect-repelling, bitter, anti-bacterial & anti-fungal herbs.It works by incapacitating the lice. After applying the oil on the scalp & hair,  it helps easy removal of the lice and nits with a fine-toothed lice comb.It cools the scalp and reduces the irritation caused by the lice.

Safe to be used by babies above the age of 1 year +. It can be used by adults also.

Made with 100% forest collected and organically cultivated herbs.

100%  natural and does NOT contain any chemical or synthetic. Does NOT contain permethrin.

This is a 200 ml size pack .

How the Dr.Organiko  Anti Lice Hair Oil is  manufactured :
After processing the base oil and base herbs, we further add herbs raw , organic oils and let the herbs steep for more time to ensure their nutrient properties are fully transferred to the oil. This cold infusion process takes us a further 7 days – so every batch of oil takes us 8 days to manufacture. At the end of the hot processing and the cold infusion process, the texture of the oil changes and the oil is extremely different from its basic nature – so even though heavy oils like sesame and coconut are used, the end oil is much lighter, less sticky and penetrates hair and scalp much faster than the base oil.

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